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Multi-threading skills - what do you mean by that?

A while ago I mentioned the possible need of brushing up our multi-threading skills. Having said that, I cannot but share the post I came across a few years ago in the forum . Disclaimer: I am not the author of the original post, I merely translated it, hoping its content can be useful. Lately, many Java Developer job openings started to include Java concurrency/multi-threading as one of the requirements. As a response, many developers immediately added the corresponding line to their resumes. Being the one who runs interviews, I'd like to dispel some of the misunderstanding that is related to the term. I'd like to split all multi-threading-related projects into 3 levels: the ones that use multi-threading; the ones that are based upon multi-threading and the ones which are multi-threading itself. The first level ("the ones that use") includes projects that are meant to run in the multi-threaded enviroment. E.g., there is BlahBlahFactory class and you n